A Quote for Posterity and a new political word

From Farrar’s now famously inaccurate post Ends and Means:

I have been somewhat surprised at how amateurish the attempted ACT coup has been. In fact, I?d go further and say it somewhat resembles a cluster fuck. I?ll explain where I think mistakes were made, and what I would have done differently.

An urgent meeting of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has convened in the light of Don Brash taking over ACT, and David Farrar will no longer be allowed to be called Pinko, Manatee, Penguin or any other cutsie names he has earned over the last forty years. He will now only be known as ?clusterf**k? or for the squeamish the approved alternative is “Clusterfarrar”

“Cluster Farrar” can also be used as a new word for the political lexicon to describe?execrable?political analysis.

cluster?farrar definition

  1. -noun
    any?political commentary that is execrable:? This?goddamn?blog post has?been?one?long?cluster?farrar!
  2. -adjective
    very?bad:?a cluster farrar analysis.
  3. -adjective
    cluster fuck:?a cluster farrar analysis.
  4. ?adjective
    utterly?detestable;?abominable;?abhorrent political commentary