ACT Leadership Coup Winners and Losers

Following on from my predictions that ACT was rooted without a change in leadership early last week, Don Brash has rolled Rodney Hide from outside of caucus to become the ACT leader.


Don Brash: The principled man of New Zealand politics is back. He no longer has to appeal to the middle ground, so he can carve out a big niche for himself by running on simple policies of economic growth, removal of the ETS and one standard of citizenship.

Roger Douglas: Having seen his party being ruined by Rodney Hide, Roger has been a key part of this coup. He has replaced a popularist with a principled man, and returned ACT to its principled roots.

John Key: He now has a coalition partner who will allow him to implement the right wing agenda he was elected to implement. He has been hamstrung by the wets and poll driven faceless men (and women) and has found himself extremely well liked, but not known for anything much other than being well liked.

The People of New Zealand: Hopefully Don will put some backbone into the National led government after the election. Cutting back on the public sector will help New Zealand grow, especially if Don cuts the over paid modern day aristocracy that is our public service.


Rodney Hide : Did the impossible and lost the leadership of a political party to someone who was not even a member of his party, let alone a member of his caucus. The story coming through the tip line is Rodney was offered a major role in a Don Brash led ACT some time ago, but screwed it up by thinking he was popular enough with the public to stare Don down. If he had have quit when he was summoned to the smoke filled room he would have negotiated a decent new job and exited with dignity. Instead he has been forced to capitulate completely.

Chris Diack: Instead of abusing knowledgeable bloggers all over the comments section of Kiwiblog he should have been developing a proper strategy for the defence of Fortress Hide. He failed his leader and he failed his bos and failure in politics is fatal to your career, it should be no different for Diack.

Hide sycophants: Blind loyalty is a good short term plan but a fatal long term plan. Loyalty should be to the party not to the leader. For reference ?check Cactus Kate’s post about this and her recommendations for others that should be axed.

Bill English: His silly play through Kiwiblog attacking Don Brash on Saturday was exposed for its stupidity. It is hard to imagine Don will not be Finance Minister after the election, as Don has a far better track record in finance than a house husband with a years work at Treasury. Bill English better hope like hell that DOn Brash doesn’t ask for Deputy Prime Minister.

David ?Clusterf**k? Farrar: Won himself a great new nickname because of one of his ill-informed posts.