Coca-Cola – Mates

$15 Million Dollar vote of confidence in the dark days.

Whaleoil’s crack marketing team are impressed that the world class, mass consumer brand Coke has had the smarts to invest in Christchurch. Every time a Kiwi opens up a Coke, particularly in Christchurch, they can take pride. Smart marketing byseizing the opportunity to great long term support for Coke in the South Island.

Ironic it is a $15 million dollar investment, in contrast to the Qantas losers who have incompetently lost $15 million dollars since the earthquake. ?The damage to the Qantas brand has been in the tens of millions of dollars in New Zealand. If only the Board had heeded Whaleoil’s free advice.

Coke launch today had extensive free media coverage, stories on the lead news bulletin. The Prime Minister was on the news, downing a Coke.

As a pure media stunt the value was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile mean nasty old Qantas has yet to put its hand in its pocket.?Not Mates.