Coromandel selection Candidates

I have been remiss and not published the Coromandel candidate details. So here goes.

Remember this blog does not take sides in selec?tion races, except when skulduggery is taking place. The del?e?gates can be trusted to make the right choice, and should be left alone to make the right choice.

What will appear, though, is com?men?tary on the can?di?dates and the race, with every effort to be made to be as even handed as?possible.

When select?ing can?di?dates there are sev?eral fac?tors that years of expe?ri?ence around politi?cians mean I believe are rel?e?vant. The usual hon?esty and integrity are given, so the fac?tors for del?e?gates to con?sider?are:

  • a suc?cess out?side of politics
  • going to remem?ber the peo?ple that elected them, and be a good party member
  • able to win votes from swingers not just National sup?port?ers. Even the bluest seat mat?ters with the party vote count?ing for every?thing under?MMP, and some?one that can not win swing vot?ers should not be selected
  • do they have a con?nec?tion to the elec?torate or just burn?ing ambition

The poten?tial can?di?dates are Megan Campbell, Brian Sharp, Scott Simp?son and Heather Tanner. As a dis?claimer I have known Scott for as long as I can remem?ber and count him as a friend. All candidates have the massive pro they are not Sandra Goudie so Coromandel will not have a mad MP since Stinky Fitzsimons won it.

Megan Campbell


  • Long time National worker in parliament as well as in electorates
  • Current Electorate chair in CNI region
  • Well connected in the party both inside and outside parliament
  • Former Treasury analyst
  • Community minded
  • Empathetic, compassionate and extremely?likable?across ?right/left divide


  • Former Treasury analyst
  • Can be seen as a policy wonk

Brian Sharp


  • Local, lives in Thames
  • Wife is a good asset, truth be told she should be the one standing
  • Architect


  • Self confessed poor speaker
  • Older candidate
  • Not going to set the world on fire
  • Unlikely to ever make cabinet let alone a select committee chair

Scott Simp?son

As men?tioned I have known Scott for a long time. He has been a loyal party mem?ber for many, many years, serv?ing on the board and as regional chair. He was unsuc?cess?ful in the selec?tion process for Tamaki in 2005, though he would have made a far bet?ter?MP?than Allan Peachey. He also had his name in the hat for Rodney electorate but inextricably withdrew from that contest despite being the front-runner.


  • Been involved with National for a long?time
  • Doesn?t get on with the party president
  • Well con?nected within the party


  • No real con?nec?tion to the electorate?except?his beach house at Kuaotunu
  • Senior party?hack
  • Will strug?gle to win swing voters
  • Not the most suc?cess?ful career out?side of National party politics
  • Should have chal?lenged Peachey in Tamaki not run?ning out?side his home?area

Heather Tanner


  • Woman
  • Maori
  • School teacher


  • Woman
  • Maori
  • School teacher
  • Appears aloof or cold
  • Had the opportunity to build strong community ties and relationships in local Party but hasn’t done the work. Only been member for two years.