Coromandel selection update

Last night was the first Meet the Candidates meeting in Coromandel. It was held in Te Aroha.

There are 4 candidates (alphabetical order):

Megan Campbell
Brian Sharp
Scott Simpson
Heather Tanner

After?the?speeches it became very apparent that this is actually a two horse race. Brian Sharp stood up to deliver his speech and started off by saying he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to speak about at selection meetings and then waffled on about not much in particular. Not a good start. Heather Tanner claimed the Maori, school teacher, female demographic as if this were a Labour?party?selection meeting where quota matter. Her candidate materials aren’t that flash either.

Scott?Simpson?and Megan Campbell both spoke well with my sources telling me that Megan Campbell won the speech section easily with a “vison” style speech. Scott Simpson played up his remote local connection mentioning some long dead relative from the 1800s. I wonder if he was planning on using that speech in Roney? Perhaps not. I still haven’t worked out the underlying strategy of my long-time friend Scott Simpson, delegates tend not to like candidates shopping around electorates for a seat in parliament.

My sources also tell me that Scott Simpson was the winner of the Q&A section but it was close.

With two more meetings this week and then a strange 9 day break before the selection on the 19th the race is clearly between Megan Campbell and Scott Simpson.

Of course as is usual this blog favours no candidate and relies on the local delegates to pick the best person to represent Coromandel for the future. As is usual, I suspect that delegates will be looking for longevity but not tenure, star quality but not prima donna activities and the good?possibility?that their MP will one day sit in cabinet.

I will update again after?the?next MtC meeting.