Cunliffe still building his leadership potential

You may have seen a small comment from someone on Kiwiblog about?the Cunliffe interview on RNZ. Here is my take on Cunliffe’s psoturing.

It is nothing more than additional big spending promises from Labour on top of their other big spending promises.

In the interview on Morning Report with David Cunliffe the points of note were:

  • Reminding listeners that the fresh fruit and vege GST gimmick is worth only $6 a week (at best) to households.
  • Claims Labour would raise the minimum wage ?significantly? ?very quickly?. (If they were serious about this they had none long years to do something about it and never did and at what cost to employers and jobs?)
  • Says Labour?s tax changes would be worth $10 a week??within five years?. (Whoopee!)
  • Claims he has a fully costed set of policies (Yeah right!)

So, Labour?s looking at a maximum $16 by 2016 as a ?down-payment?.??Notably, Mr Cunliffe doesn?t rule out more borrowing, but points to debt repayments ?over the forecast period?.

We?re left none-the wiser about planned tax increases, extra borrowing,?or how Labour would collect the mythical billions in taxes that ?rich pricks? are avoiding.

Perhaps this was all a cynical attempt to bolster Cunliffe’s fading leadership hopes.