Does Labour's Affirmative Action Policy reflect New Zealand?

This blog has a clear policy on gays, and gay issues. For those that do not?remember, during the 2010 local body election it outlined the following?position on Gay Marriage.

So before any intolerant fool on the left starts having a go at me for being?a redneck or being anti gay please do your research and understand that I am?not anti gay. I have made it clear I believe New Zealand could have a gay?Prime Minister, and the gayness of someone like Grant Robertson or Charles?Chauvel would not stop them from becoming PM, if they are good enough.

Likely they will get bashed for being out of touch, liberal elite wankers?who want to waste taxpayers money on stuff like the NZSO, RNZB and Nikki?Kaye’s gay mardi gras, but that doesn’t mean their homosexuality will stop?them being Prime Minister.

What I do stand against is putting one class of citizen ahead of?any other class of citizen because of their race, gender or sexuality.

So Gay New Zealand needs to consider if it would be acceptable to welcome?”white straight males” getting a promotion on the Labour list. It appears they don’t.

“Maryan Street is in seventh position, two higher than her place heading?into the 2008 election, in a list that has seen significant changes at the?top in the past three years. Phil Goff, Annette King, David Cunliffe,?Parekura Horomia and Street are the only two MPs ranked in the top ten who?were in the top ten before the last election.

Charles Chauvel has made his way from 27th place to 11th place in a solid?three years in Parliament, while Grant Robertson has soared from 46th spot?to 14th.

Incredibly gay-friendly Auckland Central candidate Jacinda Ardern is another?first term MP who has clearly impressed, moving to 13th place from 20th,?while another very gay-friendly colleague Kate Sutton has climbed to 35th?from 63rd.

Gay candidate Jordan Carter is in 40th place, a good jump from his ranking?of 70th in 2008.”

Labour will continue to struggle in the polls until it realises factional?promotions of people based on identity issues pisses off the majority of New?Zealanders. Labour should select on merit, not sexuality.