Dr Peter Jansen should research The Streisand Effect

Doctors are supposed to be smart people. Still, smart people sometimes do dumb things. Dr Peter Jansen, a sensitive claims clinician at ACC has made a silly mistake. He listened to his equally dumb lawyers and decided to try to sue, for defamation, a blogger, who like me is probably quite mad.

He should have researched the Streisand Effect. If he hasn’t already he should do so now.

The?Streisand effect is a primarily?online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the?unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely.

That is precisely what Dr Peter Jansen has succeeded in doing. He has highlighted to the?entire?world a little read blog, one with less than a 100 readers a day. That blog as a result of all the media attention will now have literally thousands of readers trying to find out just exactly what Dr Peter Jansen is so sensitive about.

In this matter the man and his lawyers are fools.

He may and his expensive lawyers may think that:

All this as a result of a blog I posted, whereby I satirically referred to Mr Jansen having self diagnosed himself with DSM-CIP – (Completely Incompetent Prick) syndrome.

…is defamatory, and it probably is, but I have seen people called much worse, and have called people much worse. When you live a highly public existance, and Dr Jansen does, he comments on forums and speaks at public meetings then you have to take the bricks as well as the bouquets.

Much worse though is that he thought this could all be silenced. Worse is the publi relations disaster of being a seniro clinician int eh sensitive claims areas of ACC and then privately (now publicly) suing a sensitive claims ACC claimant.

All he has?succeeded?in doing is making more people aware that a single person thinks he has “DSM-CIP – (Completely Incompetent Prick) syndrome” and at the same?probably?limited his career prospects within ACC. People in high paid jobs with fancy titles and lots of letter after their names do tend to think they are better than others and like to use establishment cudgels to get what they want. In this case Dr Peter Jansen got the exact opposite of what he wanted.

There is one other rule or effect that Dr Peter Jansen should learn: NFWAB