Faulty Analysis from John Hartevelt

On his way to the ACT leadership Brash has burnt up an awful lot of goodwill. ACT was already a party possessed of bitter divisions, and there is little to suggest Brash will be able to quickly smooth those over. In fact, the audacity of his coup has probably, in places, made the ructions worse. Hide’s resignation, which so far appears to be gracious, should help, but Brash is far from a perfect candidate.

John shows how hopelessly out of touch with ACT he is. Rodney had slowly killed off the membership to near the legal limit of 500, and those remaining are not exactly luminaries of the party’ past. As pointed out earlier Don will bring back many old members, as well as voters and donors.

Politics is about survival and the ACT caucus know they were screwed with Rodney. They will fall in behind Don because it is in their best interests, and having so efficiently dismissed Rodney caucus will know that if they get in the way Don will kill off their careers quickly. Self preservation and fear are powerful motivators, and the combination of these will see few internal ructions.