Fomenting Happy Mischief against unions

It seems the unions are gluttons for punishment.

Time for the Whale Army to limber up again and smash a union social media fail.

The NZPF are still lobbying ?and fighting the losing battle against national standards. They are now imploring their members via email to complete a dodgy survey.

It seems anyone can register a vote. Loyal Army members will want to vote “other” for the first question, and comment that they’ve already put their charters in, so why not give up the petty games.?For the second question vote yes.


Below, I have attached a link to a survey, which comprises just two questions.? The questions require a simple yes/no answer, and will take you no more than a few seconds. The questions both relate to charters and national standards. Here is the link

We surveyed you some weeks ago on charters and at that stage 95% of you responded that you had not sent in your charters by the end of January.

This survey is to give us clear picture of where you are at with your charter now.

In anticipation, many thanks for your response.

Nga mihi nui me te aroha nui

best wishes


Peter Simpson