Former mayor becomes spokesman for AA

Andrew WIlliams becomes spokesman for AAIn a surprise move, it was announced today that outspoken former North Shore City mayor Andrew Williams has been appointed as a public spokesman for the AA.

“For some time now, many people have encouraged me to join the AA, particularly after the rigors of three years as Mayor and the experiences I had over that time. My wife and family have been especially pleased at this move.”

“I have spent many a late night contemplating whether I should join the AA or an organization just like it. In the end, I decided that life is too short, and I needed to do this. My life experiences and the public interaction I had as a community board member, a councillor and as Mayor of a major city make me one of the best candidates in New Zealand to be an advocate for the AA”, said Mr Williams.

Paul Thutherwarn, general manager of the Automobile Association, congratulated Mr Williams into his new role. “We have been convinced for some time now that Andrew Williams needed to be a part of the AA. We would have been concerned if he didn’t join us!”

Former political colleagues Len Brown, John Banks, George Wood, Bob Harvey, Chris Darby, John Key and Wayne Mapp all warmly welcomed the announcement. “This was long overdue”, said former Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey.

Williams new role was agreed to as of 2:43am on April 1st.