Goff's leadership strengthened with latest poll

Phil Goff’s leadership will be strengthened further with the latest 3News/Reid research poll tonight. It is their lowest poll result since 1996.

National’s lead is now 30 points.

National 57.5% up 2.9%
Labour 27.1 % down 3.8%
Greens 7.7% down 0.5%
NZ First 2.8% down 0.5
Act %1.7 up %1.1%
Maori Party ?2.5% up

Preferred PM

John Key: 52.4%
Phil Goff: 6.8%

Watch for Labour and?their?paid lap-bloggers spin this as a rogue poll. It’ll be the 571st rogue poll though since 2005. Bear in mind that whenever Labour were doing badly in the polls under Helen Clark they would always claim that TV3’s poll was the most accurate.