Gummed by a Nana

Cactus Kate thinks Fran(k) O’Sullivan has smashed me up. The reality is it is more like a bad gum job from a nana.

Fran O’Sullivan along with almost all the old traditional media stuck in the beltway and sitting behind desks enlarging their arses on fat salaries and corporate expense cards simply got out played by Don Brash and his strategy team.

From the get go of this coup it was clear that the old school was not involved and neither was anyone in the beltway, and yet who did the media darling and luvvies run to for comment or finger (excuse the metaphor) for being behind the coup….that’s right…beltway commentators and old school politicians.

In her article Fran(k) all but names Matthew Hooton as the coup-meister…except Hooton was frantically ringing all and sundry, including me, trying to find out what was happening so he could work for the actual people who pay him, iPredict. He was no more involved than Michelle Boag, another bogey-man that the media were?desperate?to be included in the coup who was patently not involved. If you look at all the commentary, with the exception of TV3 most of then are sheer figments of their keyboards or David Farrars furtive imagination. Even the liars and anonymous lap-bloggers at The Standard are desperate for Michelle Boag to be involved.

Not a single thing they said panned out, and not a single thing they said came true. Boag wasn’t involved, neither was Hooton, there were no mystery bag men bank-rolling Brash. They got it all wrong, sitting their behind their desks in Wellington, interviewing their keyboards.

Given that they and Fran(k) especially got it so wrong then why should be believe her on this. She is acting like a bitter old crone upset she got beaten to the story by a lowly (beneath her) blogger. The hilarious thing about all this is that Fran(k) resorted to asking to be my FB friend in the middle of all this…now I know why…she wanted to keep up with the action.

It’s called working sources deary, you should know that. She can join Cluster Farrar and have her very own nickname “Cluster Fran”.

That wasn’t an attack on me it was a gum job from a nana.