Hacked? What a load crap

The PSA is spinning like a top after their social media?experiment?got smashed by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. They are now claiming that their site was hacked.

PSA spinning like a top

There was no hacking, they just got played by better organised and more?dedicated?activists. If they were any good they would?have?built a better site and run a better campaign. They didn’t and now they are making pathetic excuses for their?PR disaster.

In true socialist fashion they?have?now removed all the mock billboards that didn’t suit their world view. Now you know why they supported the Electoral?Finance?Act, they simply don’t believe in freedom of expression.

What would be really “nice to have” is a union that is focussed in helping it’s membership not paying silly political games.

UPDATE: As of 15:00 the site is gone. Dead, 404.