Has Labour changed its asset policy?

Trevor Mallard is front and centre of Labour’s illegal sign campaign. He is spinning up a storm and their latest line is that the signs are ok because only stupid people could make the mistake that they are traffic control devices. However what is more interesting is the apparent back-flip or since we are talking about road signs a policy U-Turn on asset sales.

Back in 2006 on Agenda Trevor Mallard said this:

MALLARD: ‘Something that we could do and something that I’m quite keen on is that as the SOEs develop the new businesses especially those that are done in partnership with people in the private sector, we could well have floats of the subsidiaries so that they could be listed on the Stock Exchange, that could help give a bit of depth to our capital markets and get some transparency around those companies, and I think that would help.’

HOST: So mum and dad New Zealanders might get a chance to have shares in subsidiary companies that spring off this idea?

MALLARD: I hope that they can although you’ve gotta realise that mum and dads might get them first but if they’re listed on the stock exchange of course then there’s no way of keeping them in New Zealand. Later in the same interview…

MALLARD: Well I think it’s part of our job to give them some exciting examples and to work with the stock exchange and work with individual companies to try and rebuild interest in capital markets in New Zealand.

Then in July 14 2008 Mr Mallard on?the?same programme, reconfirmed that policy:

‘I’m happy for things which are not part of the core to be partially floated, at the moment there’s none of those that are big enough to be interesting’.

It would appear that Labour’s Asset policy has changed. It is now Stop Asset Sales but is was once:

Some Asset Sales