If there isn't a coup on there should be

Phil goff’s leadership is slowly being eroded away. If there isn’t a coup on because the Labour caucus are a bunch of cowards there really still be a coup on given the white-anting that is going on in the media.

Chris Trotter’s post on David Parker has been published online by Stuff. At the same time Claire Trevett publishes a profile of David Parker at the Herald.

It was two days after the Darren Hughes affair broke that the rumour started spreading. David Parker was doing the numbers, the whisperers whispered. Phil Goff was in trouble.

Within hours, Parker was ringing media in the Press Gallery to vehemently deny it. The rumour was seeded by Labour’s opponents, both he and Goff claimed, to try to destabilise the party.

The rumours came to nothing but what they did do, regardless of their genesis, was elevate the bookish David Parker’s name from an occasional mention in the lists of potential future leaders of Labour, to cementing it among the top list.

The numbers were certainly being run, and the leaks everywhere proved it. Ironically it may have been the?publicity?of the pending coup that stubbed it out.

Meanwhile Labour stalwart Phil Quin has an interesting article about Goff’s cowardice when it came to a coup. The ?article gives us an eerie insight into the backroom dealings of the Clark era. The story is strikingly similar to the Parker coup?attempt.

All of this airing of dirty laundry can mean only one thing…that?the?coup is very much still on. Happy days.