Is John Boscawen Committing Political Suicide?

Stuff today reckons that Bosco is sticking by Rodney. Lord only knows why. Rodney is rooted, and Whaleoil’s Rule of Politics #2 is do not hug a corpse.

Dr Brash denied knowledge of the rumours and said the only MPs he had met were Ms Calvert and Sir Roger Douglas. Sir Roger, a Brash ally, also met Mr Hide’s deputy, John Boscawen, who refused to say at the weekend if he would support Mr Hide in a leadership vote, but who now appears to have joined the Hide camp.

Bosco needs to think this through carefully. Here are some straightforward points he needs to contemplate:

  1. Don will set up a party to run in the same space as ACT, meaning ACT will not get 5%.
  2. John Banks is likely to run in Epsom, and Banks v Hide is only going to end up with a massive victory for Banks, who may have lost the mayoralty but he won the areas in Epsom, and unlike Rodne,y Banksie is still well liked and respected.
  3. Don is a gentleman and feels obliged to look after those who look after him. Being a laggard in supporting the inevitable means that Bosco runs the risk of being way down on Don’s list.
  4. The tipline is running hot with stories of other political luminaries on the right that are wanting to run for Dons party but would never contemplate being involved in a party lead by Rodney. Don is going to be spoilt for choice.

All this ads up to a simple concept. Siding with Rodney means not returning to Parliament after November 26th. Bosco, don?t hug a corpse, you just end up smelling of death.