Is Judith Collins the most popular Police Minister ever?

Police I speak to seem to think so and is it any wonder when you see the turn around happening in the police and the support their minister gives them.

The single biggest thing though that has raised moral was the removal of the two top cops from the bullshit castle and appointing popular and competent senior police into those roles.

Peter Marshall has made an immediate impact by backing his troops and calling for better protection of them and Mike Bush has got proven results in Counties-Manukau by going back to good solid policing tactics. Both men are well respected by their officers and lead from the front not from behind a desk.

Judith Collins is backing them too with her support for the new Commissioner’s comments yesterday.

The minister is backing new Police Commissioner Peter Marshall, who yesterday revealed he intended to grant frontline police greater access to tasers and firearms, as well as relaxing the restrictions on when officers can use tasers.

He wanted lock-boxes in each of 2700-odd frontline police vehicles, each containing a Glock, a rifle, ballistic armour and a taser.

He also wanted police officers to be able to take a taser into a situation, such as a domestic violence, without the current restriction of needing approval from a supervisor via the communications centre.

Ms Collins said Commissioner Marshall had her full support.

“I think he’s absolutely right. I’ve been out with the frontlines a lot. It’s harder to get a taser out than it is to get a Glock out, and frankly that doesn’t make sense to me.

“A taser is a non-lethal option and it should be easier for police officers to be able to take it with them when they go into situations, without necessarily having encountered a threat.

“They should be able to use their discretion and we should be backing them to use their discretion … The public are very aware that the police are not misusing them at all, and that they do save lives, not only members of the public but also offenders.”

It was a ridiculous situation where the Police had to jump through too many hops to deploy a non-lethal devices and very few to deploy a Glock. I know what I’d rather be hit with and that is a taser rather than having a 9mm hole drilled in me.

What we now have with our Police force is a return to confident, competent police chiefs and a minister willing to back them. No wonder there is a huge turn around in moral within?the?ranks and no wonder that crime over all is?dropping?with more cops on the street and crims being banged up for longer. Only the truly sad liberal panty-waists are complaining?about?locking up our crims in jail. most New Zealanders simply want to live in peace and quiet without the predations of the criminal class.

It is little wonder that Judith Collins appears to be the most popular police?minister?ever.