Is Patsy starting her campaign for the mayoralty?

It looks like “Patsy” Dalziel is building a platform for her impending challenge to mayor Bob Parker in 2013. Word from the socialist republic is that of all the Labour MPs in Christchurch Patsy has been the one most willing to politicise the earthquake, and she has formed what would be called an ?exploratory committee? to investigate running against Bob in 2013.

When Key became National Party leader he promised not to touch what the public liked, including Working For Families, interest-free loans for students, Kiwibank, KiwiRail and KiwiSaver.

“No asset sales in their first term, and only with a mandate in the second. And now they are laying the groundwork for the mandate and using my city as an excuse,” Dalziel said.

“We must not allow Christchurch to become the scapegoat for decisions the Government had already taken in preparation for this Budget and the proposals that they will work on behind the scenes in the months ahead.

“I don’t believe the public would be so willing to return Mr Key to the Treasury benches if they knew what this prescription will look like once the gloss has worn off.”

This popularist approach is sure to play out well in the socialist republic. Apparently Patsy is positioning herself as the caring, compassionate politician in Christchurch, someone who fights for the little person, and someone that empathises rather than just looks good on TV.