John Armstrong speaks the truth

John Armstrong points out what a large number of National Party members have been saying, and why many National Party donors are not willing to support the party this year.

So much for Bill English’s much-heralded Age of Austerity. The close to $2 million in taxpayers’ money for Auckland’s “plastic waka” suggests the Old Age of Waste is still with us.

National is certainly consistent when it comes to cutting spending. It consistently fails to practise what it preaches – be it the purchase of replacement chauffeur-driven BMWs for Cabinet ministers or this latest exercise in excess.

Can we get John a media award for telling the truth? He keeps on telling the truth and pointing out the obvious. He then makes a sound economic argument that would take about eight Treasury or MED employees three weeks to work out.

The waka, we are assured, will be “world class” and “showcase New Zealand“. We are only fooling ourselves if we believe that claptrap. Its economic value is zilch. It will not draw one extra rugby fan from overseas simply because it will not be finished within sufficient time to do so.