John Key on Brash

I am heartened that my prediction that National will not rule out a deal with ACT led by Don Brash has been shown to be true.

The Prime Minister, now off a plane and back into circulation, has done what ninth floor sources suggested he would, hosing down the stupid Bill English lines that a vote for Brash was a vote for Goff and other messages that makes this blog question how he managed to even win 21% in 2002.

Mr Key would not say whether he would work with Dr Brash: “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He revealed he was aware of rumours that Dr Brash was planning a comeback when he said last week that National would seek to keep ACT afloat by campaigning only for the party vote in Mr Hide’s Epsom electorate.

I may not agree with John Key’s policy direction, being far to wet for the liking of a fiscally conservative blogger, but like I admired Helen Clark for her determination to win at all costs while fucking up the country and breaking any rule that got in her way, I also admire John Key for being an once in a generation politician.

It is not possible to believe that a man as politically astute as John Key hasn?t worked out what will happen if his poll & focus group driven, fuzzy message National Party comes up against a party that has clear principles and a clear message. Unlike the faceless people in Wellington who do not get out around the country talking to actual people, and especially National Party members, John has had to bear the brunt of criticism over the ETS, being soft on Maoris and massive government spending.

He also knows National donors are refusing to give as freely as they did in the past, and a lot of this money will go direct to Don Brash. A well funded party lead by Don that has clear, simple messages based on good principles will likely take a rump of right wing support from National. This will free up John to move to the centre occupying the ground vacated by Labour, broadening the centre right vote and preserving Johns chances of being a three term Prime Minister.