Labour in the UK are not entirely isolated

Ed Balls and Milliband Minor have a soul mate in Phil Goff. Goff is making no effort at all to cut the deficit and in fact has a lot of unfunded promises that will take it higher.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has repeatedly used the US approach of cutting the deficit gradually to argue the Coalition is moving too fast and taking a reckless gamble with the economy. But on Thursday Obama unveiled plans to cut the US’s $1.65 trillion (?1 trillion) deficit over four years, a faster rate than Britain.

“It reinforces the point that Labour are entirely isolated in the international community,” Mr Osborne said on the fringes of the International Monetary Fund’s spring meeting in Washington. “That has left them in no-man’s land.”

Even Barrack Obama is grappling with cutting the deficit but Phil Goff has not even talked about deficit reduction.?Labour in the UK are not entirely isolated, they have Phil Goff for a friend.