Labour says the Law doesn't apply to them

In the Herald this morning Labour leader (Pro tempore) Phil Goff has said that labour will continue to ignore and break the law in their campaign to Stop Asset Sales.

Labour leader Phil Goff, who launched the campaign last week, said he didn’t know who within his party had put the signs up, “but if the council has a problem of course they can talk to whoever might have put them out”.

While the signs were modelled on stop signs “nobody’s going to mistake it as a stop sign, that’s just silly”.

“This is just the National Party highly embarrassed by the fact that most New Zealanders don’t want asset sales and the Labour Party is standing alongside New Zealanders in that view.

“In fact we’re leading the push back against the assets sales. That’s why they’d love to see us not have the chance to get our message out there.

“We’ll keep using those signs. If the council’s got a problem we’ll listen to them of course, but nobody thinks they’re going to be a traffic hazard, that’s just nonsense.”

Where to begin with his statement. For a start he says he doesn’t know who put the signs up? There is photographic evidence of at least 8 MPs or candidates including Carmel Sepuloni, Trevor Mallard, Iain Lees-Galloway, Darien Fenton, even Phil Goff himself. Jeremy Greenbrook-Held even boasts of the one he put up in Helensville.

Then he talks about the National party being embarrassed which is hilarious since no one in the National party has said a word, it is bloggers that have snapped their campaign and now utterly destroyed it.

Then Phil Goff declares that they will just carry on regardless despite the law.

So Labour is poised to ignore the law (again)?- and encourage their supporters to participate in potentially dangerous and illegal behaviour.? Phil Goff doesn’t care about motorist safety. Andrew Geddis points out Labour’s problem:

Now, this isn’t to say that Labour can’t?produce signs that look like stop signs, or stick these up in places that?aren’t visible from a roadway. It’s just that those putting them up – most of whom I’m guessing are enthusiastic volunteers – shouldn’t be putting them up alongside the roads. And Labour also probably shouldn’t be saying “We’re aiming to blanket the country with [the signs]”, which could (at the least) be interpreted as encouragement to use them in ways that are prohibited.

It is worse than Andrew Geddis suggest because on their Facebook site they even go out of their way to state:

Yes, the admin of the Facebook site tells us all that they designed the signs to mimic stop signs. That breaches the law straight away right there. Then they go on:

Labour's sign stuff up

Labour wants to blanket the country with them…the photographic evidence suggests that blanket the country means hammering them into grass verges, having loons jump up and down at busy intersections carrying stop signs and leaping into the path of on-coming traffic brandishing red stop signs.

The LTSA should be telling Labour to axe the signs?- because right now there’s a risk other groups will ignore the law and quote?this ham-fisted?campaign and Phil Goff’s statement as a precedent that the authorities did nothing about.