Labour's illegal signs

Labour’s Stop Sign campaign has hit a brick wall. David Farrar has just posted that these signs and the campaign they have mounted is actually illegal.?The traffic sign rule book makes this clear.

Labour has placed their MPs and campaign workers, people who’ve waved or placed the signs near to the road, in a pickle. They are breaking the law anytime they go anywhere near a road with the signs. They should come clean and pay the fines.

Their Facebook site is filled with pictures of the guilty MPs and their supporters clearly breaking the law.

Iain Lees-Galloway looks guilty in his recent nasty campaign outside the business of the National candidate on a busy Palmerston North road:

Iain Lees-Galloway breaks the LawIllegal Labour signs

Louisa Wall is clutching a sign?in one of these pics – did she go near a road at all?

Did Louisa Wall go near a road?
Darien Fenton is actually standing ON THE road:

Darien Fenton breaking the law

Michael?Wood’s campaign team is in serious hot water with these shots at the?busiest?intersection in Botany.

Labour's illegal signs

Trevor Mallard’s election campaign has a small set back with all his illegal signs: