Labour's List leaked

via the tipline

A little birdy has just given me the Labour list. They lost interest after 38. Of course this all could be pure speculation but the source is usually reliable.

  1. Phil Goff
  2. Annette King
  3. David Cunliffe
  4. David Parker
  5. Ruth Dyson
  6. Parekura Horomia
  7. Maryan Street
  8. Clayton Cosgrove
  9. Trevor Mallard
  10. Sue Moroney
  11. Charles Chauvel
  12. Nanaia Mahuta
  13. Jacinda Ardern
  14. Grant Robertson
  15. Andrew Little
  16. Shane Jones
  17. S’ua William Sio
  18. Darien Fenton
  19. Moana Mackey
  20. Rajen Prasad
  21. Raymond Huo
  22. Carol Beaumont
  23. Rick Barker
  24. Deb Mahuta-Coyle (Goff staffer)
  25. Stuart Nash
  26. Clare Curran
  27. Brendan Burns
  28. Chris Hipkins
  29. David Shearer
  30. Michael Wood
  31. Phil Twyford
  32. Steve Chadwick
  33. Kate Sutton
  34. Jerome Mika
  35. Iain Lees-Galloway
  36. Josie Pagani
  37. Lynette Stewart (Winston’s sister)
  38. Kris Faafoi

Damien O’Conner and Ashraf Choudhary aren’t on?the?list at all.

Neither is Louisa Wall making a lie of Labour’s claim that the one leap-frogged to get her in on the list weren’t on the 2011 list anyway and so she was the next best thing.

Lianne Dalziel removed herself from the list.

On current polling there are a number on that list at grave risk of disappearing altogether. Steve Chawick and Iain Lees-Galloway in particular.