Michael Laws continues to spin

Michael Laws has attacked me via Facebook. not content with abusing people with Aspergers, rooting crack-whores or his inherent racism in order to drive ratings he has now taken to attacking people with depression.

Quite apart from the fact that I am not on any medication, am quite sane despite suffering from major depression Michael Laws still fails to address the fact that he lied and I proved he did.

I’m not sure Mike King will be too pleased his approach to attacking the messenger rather than the substance of the facts of my post. Having depression does not make my arguments any less cogent.

He goes on in?the?comments:

Michael Laws rantsOne thing is for sure, I am honest about suffering from depression. I have shared so that other may learn. Michael Laws clearly hasn’t learned and seeks instead to denigrate and abuse because i explained carefully the real facts behind his claims of record breaking success.

The facts show that he did not increase his rating by 15%. The facts show that he burned off 50% of his audience in Wellington, the facts show that his TSL dropped by 30% in Auckland, and the facts show that despite and increase in numbers the market share of his show actually dropped.

If he wants to claim that as a success and lie about it then that says more about him than it does about me. If he wants to increase his ratings by bashing?beneficiaries, people with Aspergers and people with depression and rooting hookers on top of that then so be it. If he can’t debate the facts and instead have to resort to personal attakcs then, again, it says more about him than it does about me.

I for one am prepared to debate Michael laws, anywhere, anytime on any subject, especially about mental illness, but hell, he can choose the topic and i will slay him comprehensively. I doubt Michael would be prepared to do that though because he prefers one way traffic and self adulation to dealing with facts.

I am honest about my fight with depression, I wonder when Michael Laws will be honest about his afflictions.?Attitudes?such as Michael’s don’t help, and I doubt he would have the courage to say to my face what he has said on his Facebook page.