Patsy continues her mayoral campaign

Lianne Dalziel has started her campaign against Bob Parker in fine form. She gets her basic facts wrong, and smears a council that she wants to lead.

A select committee hearing into Canterbury earthquake laws became briefly heated after an MP said the Christchurch City Council had been too slow to react after the first earthquake.

Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel, who was sitting on the local government and environment select committee hearing submissions on the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill yesterday, said the new legislation was needed because the council failed to create an earthquake recovery management plan after the September 4 earthquake.

“You know that people blame the Christchurch City Council for the need for this legislation because you failed to come up with a plan after the earthquake,” Dalziel told Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button.

Button responded by saying after the new council was elected in October, those issues were handled by “a structure above us” , a reference to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Commission.

The commission will be replaced by the new government agency.

This is a cynical and short sighted play by Patsy, as if she is elected mayor she will have to work with many of the current councillors to rebuild Christchurch. So attacking them is not a great move if she wants to have an inclusive mayoralty that works with councillors rather than against them.