Phil Goff's multiple positions on O'Connor

We have seen Phil Goff have multiple positions on almost everything, sometime he has two different positions in the same sentence. Despite that though Phil’s leadership has?strengthened?over the Darren Hughes affair so he can be reasonably assured that having multiple positions on anything is helping.

But now he is at it again with his multiple positions on Damien though… yesterday morning O’Connor was just a hothead whose comments would go down well on the west coast.

Labour leader Phil Goff said he had “scolded” Mr O’Connor about the comments, which the MP had told him about, “although … it will probably help him no end on the Coast. He’s a pretty straight talker and he used West Coast language.”

By last night the comments were inappropriate and offensive.

Labour leader Phil Goff says Mr O’Connor has apologised for criticising the team that drew up the party’s list.

“He’s wrong and it was an inappropriate comment for him to make,” he says. “I told him that and he has apologised for making that comment to me and I expect him to repeat the apology that he’s made to me to the caucus.”

However Mr O’Connor doesn’t quite see it that way, even though he says he did say he was sorry to Mr Goff.

“For bringing stress on him and I’ve said that we’ll have a discussion at caucus tomorrow if I’ve offended people by the words I’ve used,” he told Newstalk ZB. “I’m happy to talk then but the substance of the issue and the issue I raised I stand by.”

Mr O’Connor also defended his comments earlier today, saying there is a risk the party will not be seen as representing all of New Zealand.

This morning in the Herald, Damien O’Connor is still defending his actions:

Labour MP Damien O’Connor apologised to his leader, Phil Goff, for causing trouble – but made it clear he stuck by his concern that the party’s direction was driven by “a gaggle of gays and self-serving unionists”.

What I want to know since Damien is sticking by his “unionists and gaggle of gays” comments is?if there are any practicing christians in the Labour Party caucus or if they have been totally pushed out by the “gaggle of gays” and self serving unionists?

Meanwhile gay Green MP Kevin Hague is calling on Phil Goff to apologise, not for Damien O’Connor’s comments about gays but for Phil’s insults to West Coasters:

Phil Goff is now being asked to apologise.

Green MP Kevin Hague says he was offended by the Labour leader’s response to Damien O’Connor’s “gaggle of gays” comment, in reference to the party’s list-selection process.

Mr Hague says Phil Goff called the comments an electioneering move, and suggested they would find favour with West Coasters.

“That kind of prejudice about Coasters, is actually wrong. I’m a gay man, I’ve lived here for nearly 10 years and in all of that time, I’ve never experienced a single incident of prejudice and discrimination,” he says.

Mr Hague says Phil Goff should apologise to West Coasters for his comment.

Phil Goff continues the tradition of Labour leaders insulting West Coasters after Helen Clark labelled them as feral and inbred.