Random Impertinent Questions for Simon Power

Why is he giving up the SOE minister’s role because it might create a?perceived?conflict of interest later on but not the Commerce Minister’s role?

Surely if there is a potential conflict with being?the?SOE Minister there is a similar conflict potentially remaining the Commerce Minister?

Surely he isn’t going to take a board position on an SOE while he is still an MP?

Isn’t it a bit rich taking a board position with an SOE when he has drawn a line through anyone remotely connected with the National Party for similar board appointments and preferred Labour aligned appointees instead?

Why does he look after our enemy’s friends instead of our own friends?

Why did he decided to push the S92a copyright amendments through under urgency?

Was he upset that he didn’t have enough media coverage after bashing up legal aid lawyers earlier in the day?

Is he about to do “a Maharey”? …just 4 more weeks and he can shuffle off quietly without needing a by-election.