Rodney Selection Confirmed – Mark Mitchell will be the next MP for Rodney

Mark Mitchell won the Rodney selection on the first ballot. This is a huge win for National as they have a man proven internationally entering caucus, and with experience in areas where National is light on practitioners rather than theorists.

For those who don?t know about Mark the Sunday Star Times published a great article on him a few weeks back.

Mark appears to be an all round good guy, with heaps of mates all over the place, and what I am hearing from Rodney is he is exceptionally good at pressing the flesh. He now has a long career in parliament to look forward to, and good judges of politicians rate Mark very, very highly.

This is also a personal victory for Peter Goodfellow. Readers of this blog know I have not been afraid to bag Peter when I think he has underperformed but he has shown integrity and guts during this selection process and the party is stronger for it.?