Rodney Skulduggery Update

The National Party has released the names of the five candidates who have made it through preselection.

The five are (in alphabetical order):

John Kirikiri
Mark Mitchell
Chris Penk
Brent Robinson
Karen Rolleston

Long time friend of Whaleoil, Scott Simpson, has decided to leave the race where he was considered the front-runner, abandoning his supporters to run in Coromandel. As this post hits the internet he will be speaking in Te Aroha trying to convince the good folk of Coromandel that he really loved them all along.

As followers of this blog know there is a clear policy, no candidate ?for selection is endorsed, and delegates are expected to be wise enough to chose the right person for their electorate without any outside interference.

What this blog does is hold people to account for unethical behaviour, and for this reason Brent Robinson is clearly not fit to be an MP. His shabby dealings on three occasions caused this selection to be abandoned, and he must be the most shameless man in the country to have continued to pursue the nomination.

To recap:

  1. Brent Robinson signed up about 200 members to his branch, mainly from his fundamentalist church at $5 per head. This was a total shock to the electorate when it came up at the AGM. ?The aim was to stack the selection to get Brent the seat, with Brent’s selection being the bridgehead for a fundamentalist faction to form in the National Party caucus.
  2. A prospective candidate asked to meet the chair of the electorate to discuss running, and was ambushed by Brent, the electorate chair and about 10 others. They made an unethical play to clear the field for Brent Robinson.
  3. The Electorate arranged a nomination signing session with delegates. When the candidates arrived Brent ambushed them with an unscheduled speech, which for Brent was prepared but for the others was impromptu. One of the prospective candidates at that time was Maggie Barry, who was doing due diligence on a number of seats and withdrew because of Brent?s behaviour.

These are real examples of why Brent Robinson is not fit to be an MP, not even for New Zealand First, let alone a proper party with sound ethical foundations like National. If you have to cheat to win a selection then frankly you don’t deserve to be a MP.

Delegates should consider carefully each of the other four candidates. They all come with good reputations and do not deserve to be beaten in a rigged selection race.

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