SAS message to enemy: Don't mess with us!

TVNZ has got all lathered up over the fact that our SAS troops have been doing their job which is to put bad guys into early graves.

Good. They have sent a message to the Taliban and their hangers on that if you kill one of ours we will kill heaps of yours. Not only that, we will hunt you down and shoot you like rabid dogs.

It is patheitc that the media uses statements like this:

In an astonishing admission, the government today revealed details of a deadly secret mission by the country’s elite SAS troops to hunt down those who killed Tim O’Donnell.

Why is it astonishing that the government has admitted our troops are doing their job? They aren’t there to weave blankets or sweep streets, they are there to seek and destroy the enemy. And they do that very well indeed.

Using terms such as “deadly secret mission” is pathetic…they carry rifles and grenades and machine-guns for a reason and it isn’t for giving cuddles.

I’m proud of our boys for having good intelligence, for tracking down the perpetrators and then for making sure they don’t do it again, ever.

Guyon Espiner is a weaselly little wanker for making a big deal out of this.