Selection Updates

Coromandel: The National party last night selected long time party servant Scott Simpson as their candidate for Coromandel on the first ballot.

I was in attendence at the selection and Scott clearly delivered?the?best speech and also won the questions section. Scott had previously sought selection 6 years ago in Tamaki and recently in Rodney. Congratulations to Scott, well done.

North Shore: As expected Maggie Barry is confirmed as one of the nominees in North HSore. The others are?Enya Chadderton, Paul Goldsmith, Ewen McQueen and Michael Single. Ewen McQueen was the former and last?leader?of Christian Heritage. Paul Goldsmith was an Auckland City Councillor. I have no idea who the other two are.

North Shore has become somewhat factionalised but will coalesce now into two distinct groups. Those for Maggie and the Anyone but Maggie group. North Shore activists had tried to recruit several “names” to stand but ultimately failed in their bids. This is likely to be a two horse race between Paul Goldsmith and Maggie Barry. If Paul Goldsmith can manage to pleasant for 4 weeks he may well be able to bring all the factions together and come through. He has the brains and smarts to beat Maggie, but his handlers, if he has any need to knock on the head his pre-dilection to rudeness. Such behaviour is acceptable in a blogger but frowned upon during selections by candidates.