Serepisos brings in new management team

Dr Charles Soludo - Financial Controller Century City

Dr Charles Soludo - Financial Controller Century City

Embattled Wellington developer Terry Serepisos has announced a major shakeup of his business interests following increased pressure from creditors to settle his debts.

The 46 year old businessman, owner of the Wellington Phoenix football team and star of hit TV show “The Apprentice”, confirmed he had no choice but to bring in new expertise to assist him if he wanted to remain in business.

His new financial controller, Dr Charles Soludo, is the former Nigerian Reserve Bank governor, and a pioneer in internet business and online transactions. Dr Soludo was pleased to be a part of the Serepisos empire, saying “YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT HIS FINANCES ANYMORE. WE WILL PAY HIS TACKS AND CAN ASSURE YOU THIS BUSNESS RELATONSHIP WILL BE BASED ON 100% TRUST.”

Also joining the Serepisos empire is Freedom Jones, Serepisos’ new chief investment officer. Jones is the son of Chukwe Jones, a recently deceased Army General from Nigeria. Jones indicated that the death of his father on the Sagbama expressway in a major car accident meant that his father had died intestate and therefore he was in a position to make some foreign investments in a country that was safer and less corrupt than his home country.

Serepisos said that Soludo and Jones were logical choices to join his organization after they agreed to be baptized in his Greek Othodox faith as a symbol of trust.

Inland Revenue spokesman Uve Binhardt said that Mr Serepisos would be unlikely to get an extension on his debt repayment through to the next April 1st as requested by Jones and Soludo.