Shouldn't they find husbands first?

The NZ Herald has a stupid article asking a couple of “too fussy to get a bloke” chicks (either that or they are dud roots) about home ownership.

What neither Jacinda or Nikki point out is our parents generation would almost certainly be married by 30, and that means two incomes funding one mortgage. Marriage also has the effect of stopping people from wanting to waste lots of money at the boozer, travelling and generally not being fiscally conservative in a personal sense.

This blog is not advocating marriage by any means (I mean seriously? Who wants a mother in law?) but it is advocating the truth being told about why younger people are not saving the money to buy houses.

Ladies, if you want a house, get a husband first.

Alternatively in Jacinda’s case she could write to Granny for a loan.

They bang on about housing?affordability?but that is always going to be relative, if?neither?of them can afford a house when supping elbows deep in?the?public trough then no one can. My mate who has about 30 houses reckons that they are plenty affordable, he has 30 after all so they must be affordable.