Social Media FAIL by PSA

The PSA thought it would?be “nice to have” a website up so their supporters could produce fun “Tui” like billboards pisstaking the government over tax cuts. they even handily provided social media links to post your witty creations on Facebook and Twitter.

Like handy little mouth-piece Labour MPs promoted the site.

Unfortunately for them, true to Unionist form they have gone home at 5pm and left the website unattended. The VRWC is like rust it never sleeps. Between our Hong Kong office and our UK and US branches we can smash up this site 24/7.

I implore the the Whale Army to fill their boots and remind the PSA who’s the boss! I offer a prize for the best sign, of a signed Whaleoil T-shirt, post a link to your poster in the comments.

Nice to Have - Social Media Fail