Special Announcement

It will have escaped no-one, least of all regular readers that I now have a good collection of hunting equipment. I have needed to return to my favourite hobby for my own peace of mind and that is shooting. Without blowing my own trumpet I am bloody good at it.

To that end, Whaleoil Publishing in conjunction with I need a Deer Block?Ltd announces the published date of its first book, “The?Confessions of a Political Groupie

A kiss and tell expose from a woman on the inside. Telling?the true story of the sordid sexual escapades of our members?of parliament, their much vaunted morals and family values.

All politicians are fair game while in the house. Those who?leave the public sphere are considered no longer in the?public interest so anyone with a guilty conscience should?retire gracefully before August 31st.

It will be Available Online, August 31st 2011

Excerpts will follow.