Thanks MMP

So Hone is going to resign and force a by-election, and he?announced?his party and list of fellow?travelers?today.

Hone Harawira has sent a bill of more than $500,000 tot he government so he can prove a point. Think how many homes in Te Tai Tokerau could have had their insulation upgraded for that amount. How many stop smoking campaigns that Hone Harawira bangs on about endlessly could have been run in Te Tai Tokerau for $500,000. How many food parcels and emergency grants could maori in Te Tai Tokerau have availed themselves of for $500,000.

As is usual with socialists they think of themselves first before anyone else.

If the Maori Party were smart they would not stand anyone in the by-election and help Kelvin Davis win the seat. Same goes for National. They should all get together and run anyone but Hone campaign and make the anyone Kelvin Davis.

The so-called Mana party are nothing nothing short of a collection of un-reconstituted communists, anarchists, racist loonies that appeal to people like that awful Bomber Bradbury. They are not even remotely close in actions to the name of their party.

Thanks MMP: Reject MMP