Thanks Turkey

Turkey does New Zealand a big favour and saves us a lot of money on a “Nice to Have” seat on the UN Security Council. As if New Zealand hasn?t done enough for the UN, we gave them Helen Clark.

We gave the UN Helen ClarkTurkey’s decision to join the race for a United Nations Security Council seat might have lessened New Zealand’s chances of winning one, but the Government says it is pleased with the support it is getting from other countries.

The council is made up of five permanent members – the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and the United States – with 10 temporary representatives elected by member nations.

Prime Minister John Key announced at the UN General Assembly in New York last year that New Zealand would make a bid for one of two Western Europe and Others Group seats in 2015-2016.

Spain had been the only other country in the running until last week, when Turkey announced it would also stand.

Turkey had previously made a commitment to support New Zealand in its bid for a seat.

A spokeswoman for Key said yesterday that Turkey’s decision to run for a seat was disappointing.

Some poor old granny is probably living in a quake damaged home in Christchurch that is impossible to keep warm, but that?s ok, we are going to have a” nice to have seat” on the UN Security Council. That will sure keep her warm.

Even though Murray McCully says we aren’t going to be spending millions like other countries he does still use weasel words to describe that theya re spending money, just not any new money.

While other countries have previously been reported to have spent millions in fights to win security council seats, McCully said New Zealand would not be spending money on its campaign.

“We’re not going to be spending any money on this race in the sense that I’m not asking for any budgetary provision to be set aside,” he said.

I’ll bet they are spending money though, just out of existing budgets.