The Herald on Don Brash taking over ACT

This blog can reveal that the Herald will be running an extensive article on Don Brash?s leadership challenge. Rodney apparently is staying true to his type, and is trying to kick Don has hard as he can on the grounds Don is a doddery old man who will not be around in 2014.

Rodney?s advisors are the ones needing a kicking because they have allowed Rodney to reinforce the left-wing meme that he is a nasty, unpleasant man who has almost no appeal to the average voter. He has given Don a fantastic opportunity to point out that under Rodney it will be highly unlikely that ACT will be in parliament to contest the 2014 election because of Rodney?s unbelievably high negatives.

Don is also able contrast his own principled issues based approach with Rodney?s hypocrisy over perks, and no one actually knowing what Rodney stands for any more now he is a perk taker not a perk buster.