Tizard not coming back

Judith Tizard has announced on Q+A that she isn’t coming back. The threat of the Tizard Effect proves too much for Labour as they bully and?cajole?Tizard into standing aside. SHe has even accused Phil Goff of being a bully.

Instead of MMP delivering us the rightful person to parliament we now get the unedifying spectre of watching Labour?manipulate?the list so that 5 other people with more claim legally to a place in parliament get spiked so Louisa Wall can make her way back into parliament.

Tizard though has gone out with a bang accusing pretty much everyone, me included, of being bullies.

The lsit is perhaps the worst aspect of MMP and we can now all see why. Labour will now cynically?manipulate?the list and 5 people they told us were better than Louisa Wall will have to take one for team.

This is precisely why MMP needs to go and you should choose to Reject MMP in the referendum on November 26.