Trotter endorses David Parker

Chris Trotter has a very good post ridiculing Phil Goff and endorsing David Parker to lead Labour.

True heroes are distinguished as much for their moral courage as their physical bravery. Indeed, on the battlefields of politics it is the exercise of moral authority that separates the truly strong leader from his or her merely tough and/or clever rivals.

It is precisely in this regard: in the exercise of sound ethical judgement and the unflinching demonstration of the Leader of the Opposition?s moral authority; that Phil Goff has so consistently fallen short throughout the Darren Hughes controversy.

Chris Trotter has clearly run out of patience for Phil Goff. But who should replace him?

The experience of Opposition is there for aspiring prime ministers to demonstrate to the electorate that they have the right stuff to do the job. That, faced with the choice between being loyal to a friend and faithful to the principles of sound political management, they possess the courage to choose ethics over friendship. For leadership is a lonely calling, and since only one head at a time may wear the crown, a leader?s head should be both good and wise.

Is there a head on Labour?s front bench better and wiser than Mr Goff?s? Is there someone who has felt the hot blast of scandal on his face and possessed the moral courage to take the Westminster tradition of ministerial responsibility seriously? Someone willing to stand alongside the ordinary New Zealanders who are Labour?s core constituency? Someone with the guts and the smarts to come up with policies that will give them a fighting chance?

Yes, there is.

He doesn?t look very heroic. I doubt he owns a motorbike. But I believe, given the opportunity, he could make a real contest of this election.

His name is David Parker.

If Chris Trotter is writing endorsements then Phil Goff really can’t rely on his caucus for anything other than a back full of knives. I suspect though that Chris Trotter is talking to an empty room given the cowardice of Labour’s caucus.