Un-spinning Michael

Michael Laws was a liar when I knew him in the National party days, then he threw his lot in with Winston Peters and became a bigger liar and now he continues his lying ways via his Facebook page.

Michael Laws lies like a flatfishIn the interests of honesty, which seems to be a stranger to Michael Laws here are the tables from the latest Radio ratings spreadsheet. I am producing the tables straight from the?spreadsheet?so no one can claim I am simply making them up and also so those in the know can see that I have the real figures not the ones pulled out of Michael’s arse.

Time Spent ListeningThis table is the Time Spent Listening. It shows that contrary to Michaels claims of a 15% increase in his figures the fact is that people spent, nationwide, less time listening to his incessant drivel. A drop of 30s, and when the TSL is just 4m26s then that is a drop of 11% not an increase of 15%. In Wellington the listeners cut their TSL by 14%, still not an increase of 15% as claimed by Michael Laws. It is even worse in Auckland where the TSL dropped by 1m19s, a massive 30% drop, certainly not the 15% increase that Michael Laws claims.

Market Share

This table is the market share of the Radio market. As you can see in this table Michael Laws has in fact dropped his market share by 0.1%. Clearly not an increase of 15% as he claims. In Wellington Michael Laws burned off more than 50% of his audience with Station Share dropping from 2.8% to 1.3%.

In fact in the complete tables there isn’t a single statistics that Michael Laws can claim his 15% increase from. Even on numbers of listeners Laws is telling porkies.

Radio Cumulative numbers

Michael Laws claims an increase of 15% but it is actually 13.8% or 7400 listeners in real numbers. Whilst that may look good, when you then look at the TSL figures and also the Station Share figures then the complete picture is able to be seen. Michael Laws increased his numbers but lost station share and more importantly people spend less time listening to him as well.

The figures also show that Radio in general did very well with increases across the board in most stations. The raw statistics don’t show why, but even the most dull person will realise that in this period we had three major?emergencies?in New Zealand, with Pike River and two Canterbury earthquakes, and during emergencies people turn to Radio for immediate information. So while radio did well, and numbers of people listening increased Michael Laws certainly didn’t increase his numbers anywhere remotely close to 15% as he claims and in fact in the most important areas, that of Station Share and Time Spent Listening people are simply switching off the liar.

The moral of this story for Michael Laws is that if you are going to quote figures, make sure there aren’t people out there who have access to the real numbers who can prove you are a liar.