War Gaming the Next Labour Leader

Wargaming the next Labour leaderIt is apparent that Phil Goff is a dead man walking, if not soon then certainly after the election. Has anyone in National other than bloggers thought about war-gaming the next Labour leader?

The Sydney Morning Herald sticks it to the Coalition for not having war-gamed an impending leadership change last year when Rudd was on the point of getting rolled.

This blog would like to know if National have a detailed paper on how to handle an impending leadership change within Labour, and if anyone has done any war-gaming on how to take out Cunliffe or Parker or anyone else?

If the answer that no one has war-gamed the leadership change, and there is no documentation available, then the next board meeting needs to start asking some tough questions. Dealing with a new leader is a key part of the election strategy. It was also a likely scenario when Goff became leader, as it was obvious he did not have the ability to win votes from middle New Zealand.

Someone needs to start asking who is responsible for this, and if the board hasn?t discussed it over the last two years why not. ?They should also ask ?what structures need to be put in place to avoid this happening in the future.