What does he expect after bottling mining in the National Parks?

Captain Panic Pants probably has brown pants today. Some of the unwashed masses have gone against the PM and are threatening our economic growth.

Prime Minister John Key is not ruling out using the navy or air force to ensure multi million dollar oil exploration work off the East Coast continues.

Mr Key today hit out at groups protesting against exploration by oil giant Petrobas by saying the company should be able to carry out work it was legally entitled to do.

The Brazilian oil company has been granted a five year licence to carry out seismic exploration work in the Raukumara Basin, off the East Coast.

A few days into a 60 day programme they have been subjected to Greenpeace protests.

Why? Probably because Captain Panic Pants totally bottled the sell job on the mining in national parks. Instead of getting out and telling people why it was a good idea he sat back and let the looney left, unpleasant hairy legged sheilas with BO, actresses on the state payroll and other malcontents dominate the news cycle until National stopped trying to mine the National Parks.

If the PM wants to extract minerals for New Zealands economic benefit he needs to get a spin weasel that doesn?t panic when confronted with opposition, and plans how to sell policies that have been planned for years many months in advance.

I’m not sure how accurate the news reports are though when you see inane repeating such as this:

An Orion helicopter had also been seen flying over the area, Key said it was likely observing the situation but he did not know about its presence.

They do correct it later in the article but I mean really, it is n’t like there is a plethora of NZ Air Force aircraft to confuse the repeaters. For the record it would have been a Lockheed P3 Orion.