What happened to open and transparent?

Len Brown campaigned last year on?openness?and transparency. Despite a history of the exact opposite and having been forced, repeatedly by the Ombudsman to reveal details he would rather have kept secret, he still ran a campaign on?openness.

Remember his shiny smiling face sitting on a train (Len doesn’t remember either) telling us in his campaign video that he was going to open?the?books? Still waiting for those.

Then there was his secret board appointments. The actions of a mayor who?campaigned?on openness or the actions of a lying politician?

Today we see another chapter in the secrecy of Len Brown.

There is a call for the Auckland Council to let the public into meetings on the funding of the Maori Statutory Board.

The council approved $3.4 million a year for the board but later reduced it to $1.9 million following an outcry.

The public has been excluded from the council’s meetings on the issue today.

Len Brown has more secrets than aging hooker. His top spin weasel, Conor Roberts, must be off helping Moira Coatsworth again or on holiday because I doubt he would have let Len Brown make this stupid mistake.