Why is Heather astroturfing?

via the tipline

A reader was looking through some of the posts on Heather Roy’s blog (http://roy.org.nz/) and noticed that when you post a comment on her blog posts it shows the IP address it was posted from. Heather posts from? (which appears to be a personal internet account, not parliamentary), but so do a lot of other people that post approving comments on her blog. She also posts from her parliamentary address? and so do quite a few other people who post approving comments.

Have a look some some of these posts and compared the IP addresses, it’s all over her blog. This is nothing less than blatant astroturfing or at the very least a bit of sock puppet play.

NOTE: (Since?receiving?this tip off Heather has since removed the ip addresses from the posts on her blog, I wonder if some others out there are asking questions or asked her to comment about it and now she is trying to cover her tracks. I don’t know politicians do that, first they always get caught and second google cache proves you tried to cover it.

If you search these terms in google like this


You can you view the posts as they were when last cached.