Will National Call a Snap Election?

PM having kittensThe smartest political brain in the country is, well, out of?the country, having gone appropriately gaga over the royal?wedding. Apparently the polls said this was a good move, and?the National party machine follows the polls so closely they?even poll to see whether anyone knows what a principle is?these days.

With the PM out of the country there has been some talk that?National might call a snap election. These rumours are?coming through the tip line and are currently being?verified, but this would go contrary to the control freak?approach to campaigning that National?s team have?developed a well earned reputation for.

Doubt remains about whether anyone will make a decision?before the PM gets back. Sources inside the beehive are?saying that National does not have a game plan prepared for?a snap election so there are a number of people having?kittens at the moment.

Media will get a good steer on whether there will be a snap?election by attending the next three regional conferences.?If the campaign team present at the conference there is a?good indication that they are not in the war room starting a?campaign but meandering towards 26th November, unable to?shrug off the straight jacket that is a rigid, inflexible?plan.

As readers may expect the tip line is running hot, and?verifying all this information is taking time.