68% say No

The vote over an Alternative Voting system in the Uk has delivered a resounding NO to change.

More than two thirds of people voted to keep the first-past-the-post system in what was the first UK-wide?referendum for 36 years.

With the count 85 per cent complete, the No to AV campaign passed the crucial figure of 9.87million votes at 7.41pm on Friday night to secure victory.

It was a boost to?David Cameron who had campaigned hard for a No vote and a blow to?Nick Clegg, who had made a referendum on voting reform a condition of the Coalition deal which is this week one year old.

Here in New Zealand we also get a say on our voting system on November 26. Like the UK we need to reject MMP. We can’t trust the politicians to reform MMP, it must be rejected.

UK Labour’s leader is being pilloried for vociferously supporting the Yes campaign.

Ed Miliband did see his party win in Wales, but Labour was humiliated in Scotland and just managed to break through the 800 gains barrier in council elections that was deemed the benchmark for even modest success.

The Conservatives said Mr Miliband?s first test as party leader produced a worse result than?Michael Foot achieved in 1981.

The Labour leader was also personally associated with the abject failure of the Yes campaign which is reeling from the country devastating verdict on the Alternative Vote.

I wonder if Phil Goff will die in a ditch supporting MMP?