A Butchers Apron?

Lianne Dalziel and her fetish clothing in parliamentReaders may have been shocked with the fetching vision from?the?opposition benches this week of Lianne Dalziel. If you weren’t there or watching on the TV then I doubt you will have seen her in Parliament on Wednesday.

But fresh from shifting shit for the Labour party.?Practical Lianne?Dalziel’s taken to wearing an apron in Parliament.

Her version looks like it came from a fetish?store.

You have to hand it to the Labour party. Under Helen Clark and now under Phil Goff they have become the party, not of working people, but of a gaggle of gays, union hacks, failed teachers and ?now fetishists.

They have made the modern Labour party into a collection of minority groups.

Mistress Patsy (added to the Politicianary) though, to give her credit is no longer hiding her preferences unlike others ion the house. So good on her for coming out, so to speak.

Perhaps she will be applying for the whips position after the election.